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Will this cost me anything?

There are NO FEES of any kind for artists, venues, booking agents, festival or event planners. TuneMage Media is run by people who want to support our local music community. We want to make it easier for talented musicians to get access to gig opportunities, and for people who book gigs to find talented musicians. 

We operate with the help of volunteers, if you are interested in being part of the team send us a message.


What is the catch? Will it EVER cost me anything?

TuneMage Media will NEVER charge any fees to musicians, or for businesses to use the online site to book musicians. Our goal is to cover costs with grants, and in the future, we will offer a booking service to businesses who want us to keep their calendars filled with live music (without using the self-serve online booking option - that will always be free)

Where are you located?

We are in Kitchener-Waterloo Ontario Canada, and we are starting with primarily Waterloo Region artists. In the coming months we will be expanding to include artists from the rest of Southern Ontario.


For venues outside KW, the cities each artist will play without added travel expenses are listed in their profiles.

I'm a venue, booking agent, festival or event organizer... how do I book a musician or band?

We have tried to make the online booking process as simple and straight forward as possible.

  1. Check out all the talented musicians on our roster 

  2. Click the Book-online menu option

  3. Pick the tab for your show type... either a full night or a single set

  4. Choose whether you want a solo performer, duo or band and click 'Request a Show'

  5. If you know what artist you want specifically, choose them from the dropdown and their available dates will show as blue dots on the calendar

  6. If you know what date you want, choose that date and time from the calendar, and then pick from the available artists in the dropdown on the right

  7. Click to 'Request This Show' and fill in info about your show, including your offer (we give averages as a guideline, but we aren't involved in the money, that is between you and the artist)

  8. Both you and the artist will get an email with the details of your request

  9. The artist will get back to you within 12 hours

What happens if the artist declines?

Sometimes our artists have unexpected conflicts with the timeslot you requested, or another show near your location at around the same time and don't want to split the audience. They may also decline if the payment offer is lower than expected for their experience or draw.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact them at the email in their roster profile. 

TuneMage Media has a talented group of musicians and bands to choose from at different levels of experience, different genres and show types. Check out the roster and select another artist for your show :)

What if I need to cancel a show I have booked?

Let us know as soon as possible! The earlier we know, the easier it will be for us to find another gig for the artist. If the cancelation is for reasons beyond your control like illness or emergency there won't be any cancellation fees. Otherwise, the artist may request a cancellation fee for any cancellations with less than 2 weeks notice. 

What if the artist cancels?

Artists make a commitment to their bookings, but there are still situations where they have no choice but to cancel a show. 

If the artist needs to cancel last minute, TuneMage Media will make our best effort to replace the artist with another artist with a similar show type and genre. This can be especially helpful for unexpected pandemic related cancellations.

I'm an artist interested in getting more gigs, how do I join the TuneMage Media roster?

Fill out an Artist Application here.

One of our volunteers will review your live show video, and whenever possible, come out to see you at a show. They'll also contact you to ask some questions about joining the team.

Once approved, artists fill out a profile with information about themselves and their music. When your profile is ready, a volunteer will review and approve the profile to be posted to the roster and add you to the booking system.


It is important that you have a google calendar for your act/band and keep that calendar up to date with any gigs you book outside of TuneMage or any other personal blocked time you may have. That calendar will be synced to our booking system so venues/booking agents can see your availability... which is the key to what makes booking with TuneMage Media so easy for our clients. (Your google calendar appointment details won't be visible to TuneMage or anyone using the system, items will just show as 'busy')

I want to book a musician or band for a private party or wedding, can I do that using the TuneMage Media website?

Right now, we are focused on bookings for venues, public events with music, and festivals.  However, the contact information is in our artist profiles if you want to try to contact them directly. 

Who runs TuneMage Media?

TuneMage Media is run by Tara Bridger and Joe Stager.


Tara is a former tech industry exec (someone had to write the code for this site), with six years experience developing musicians, marketing, promotions and booking.  Tara looks after the booking side of TuneMage Media.

Joe owns Stager Media Promotions and has been credited with building a thriving virtual community for musicians and music lovers during the pandemic. You will see him out at jams and shows, usually hidden behind a video camera. Joe looks after the promotions side of TuneMage Media.

How can I volunteer?

Our volunteers can help in many ways... as photographers, videographers, social media influencers, artist supporters, venue contacts, graphic artists, sound engineers, event staff, merch sales, ticket sales, poster distribution, and equipment loading. If you want to be part of bringing live music back, and supporting live music in the community... click here to volunteer and let us know how you would like to help :)

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